Leading players on Russia's fish market banding together

November 16, 2011 12:02

Vladivostok-based Alaska Pollock Fishermen's Association and Moscow-based Association of Fish Processing and Trading Companies have decided to form a powerful coalition to develop a single position on urgent issues in the sphere of regulation of the Russian fish market and the nation's fishery industry in general, reports http://www.megafishnet.com/.

The Associations in question represent more than 60 Russian fish companies. Their members all together harvest more than 1.4 million MT of aquatic species, and contribute in excess of 40% to the Russian total production of seafood for human consumption. Their total daily proceeds are estimated at ca.RUR130 billion.

The decision to unite has become an important event in the Russian fishery industry record as it will be for first time when main national players - exporters, importers and large producers - will speak in unison when handling important issues in the sector.

In 2008 the associations made a cooperation agreement and by now they have gained experience in joint settlement of problems in the industry. In particular, thanks to the associations' suggestion in March 2009 the nation's Government commissioned the respective bodies to set a limit for glazing content in seafood.

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