Leading Belarus supplier of seafood expanding production capacities

December 19, 2011 15:42

Joint Belarus-German company Santa-Bremor which produces 77,000 MT of more than 500 various fish items per year will open a new logistics centre in Moscow to cater for its growing sales to Russia, reports www.megafishnet.com.

Registered in 1998 the company has developed into a big production complex with its herring and capelin roe product range turning a strong export article for the region. The company has pioneered in production of matjes herring in ex-Soviet territory. Until last year marinated herring products were produced mostly manually and the company's new plant has been furnished with European equipment made under individual order.

Santa Bremor's brand has won leadership in the national rating of top100 Belarus brands. MPP Consulting from the Ukraine has assessed the brand at USD72.5 million.

Nowadays Santa Bremor is strongly focused on export sales with Russia stepping up as the major market for its products. Bremor's products are now sold everywhere from Moscow to the Far East region. Besides, Santa Bremor has made a success in selling its range to the Ukraine and Moldova. As for overseas markets, the company also exports to the USA, Israel, Canada, New Zealand, Lebanon, Germany, Cyprus and other countries.


Santa Bremor has been one of the first producers in Belarus who started to create own logistics system: they purchased transport fleet maintaining various temperature regimes. At present the company traces its goods from workshop to shop shelves and builds own logistics complexes which now function in all the regional centres of Belarus and in Moldova. In 2010 one was commissioned in the Ukraine. In February 2012 a new 20m2 centre is to be launched in Moscow.

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