Ladesol-Tambov striving for global leadership in feed protein export

February 24, 2021 12:01

LLC Ladesol-Tambov Uvarovo from the Tambov region (ca.400km south-southeast of Moscow) acquired a RUR400mln loan from MSP-bank in order to complete construction of a new feed protein plant, reports

According to Kommersant, the company hopes to become one of the global leaders in feed protein export thanks to its own efficient technology and its location in the region with a surplus of cheap vegetable raw and excellent transport accessibility. The company says its product has already been tested by a number of potential buyers in the field of meat and fish farming.

Initially, the plant was to be put into operation in August 2020, but the date of its commissioning was postponed. In the future, Ladesol plans to increase its capacity to 150 thousand metric tons by means of expanding the existing production site and opening new markets in other regions.

The total amount of the bank's loan funds for the project implementation reached RUR1.237bln. This covers 74.6% of the project’s total cost with the remaining sum to come from the shareholders. The first loan of RUR721mln was issued by MSP-bank to Ladesol in 2017.

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