Keel of fifth supertrawler laid for Russian Fishery Company at Admiralty Shipyards

June 7, 2021 09:35

In early June the Admiralty Shipyards (St. Petersburg) hosted a ceremony of laying the keel of the fifth of the ten supertrawlers that will be built here for the Russian Fishery Company (RFC), reports

According to RFC, the series of 10 fishing vessels is the largest ordered for construction by Russian shipbuilders. The first two boats were launched in March and June 2020 and will be delivered to the customer in the coming months. Also this year the second pair of supertrawlers will be launched.

It is planned that the fifth ship named Kapitan Yunak after a respected veteran of the fleet will be launched in May 2022 and delivered to the customer in 2023.

The supertrawlers are among the largest and most technologically advanced Russian fishing vessels. Each new ship is designed for an annual catch of about 60 thousand tons of fish, which is 2.5 times higher than the productivity of the vessels that today form the basis of the fishing fleet in the Russian Far East, says RFC.

The features of the new fleet will include a significantly increased production capacity, maximum safety, high environmental friendliness and improved working and leisure conditions for the crews. The vessels will be equipped with a modern factory capable of deep waste-free processing of the entire catch into products with high added value, primarily pollock fillets and surimi.

Energy-saving innovations are also implemented in the equipment of the new vessels. In particular, the trawl complex includes electric roller winches that allow energy recovery and its redirection to the main production and general ship needs, thus reducing overall fuel consumption.

The fishmeal plant will utilize steam produced by the boiler using fish oil as fuel and utilizing the residual heat of the exhaust gases. Thanks to these technologies and the reduction of fuel consumption by a modern engine, the level of CO2 emissions per ton of fish caught will be reduced by half.

The construction of 10 vessels is carried out within the framework of the state program of investment quota shares.

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