Indian resident of Russia expanding seafood business in UK

March 21, 2019 16:45

UK-based company Bhagat Holdings belonging to Mr Keshav Bhagat from Kaliningrad, Russia, has purchased a suspended fish processing factory in Annan, Scotland, and is going to reopen it in autumn 2019.

The Surrey-based firm adds coatings and panko breadcrumbs to seafood and poultry for food supply companies such as Brakes. It also supplies “filet-O-fish” to McDonald’s in Eastern Europe. Obviously, these products come from the company’s fishing plant in Kaliningrad.

The Pinneys of Scotland plant purchased by Bhagat Holdings was owned by Young’s Seafood which announced the plant’s closure in April 2018 with the loss of 450 jobs. When it reopens in September current the initial staff will be only 120 people, but there is a potential to raise it later, said Mr Bhagat.

Indian born businessman, Mr Keshav Bhagat (66) is a resident of Kaliningrad, Russia. He is the owner and head of two companies in Kaliningrad, Atlantis Group engaged in seafood processing and Koningsberger Handelskontor.

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