HB Grandi: Fine, large mackerel

Pelagic vessel Venus is now in port at Vopnafjörður, having docked earlier this week with 600 tonnes of mackerel on board for production at HB Grandi’s pelagic processing plant. This is all good quality, large fish with an average size of 420-44 grammes.

According to skipper Kristján Thorvarðarson, there is still some searching for mackerel in catchable amounts, and he is certain that the fish are moving into shallower waters off the south coast of Iceland. The hope is that it won´t be long before the fish are in tighter shoals as they migrate northwards and eastwards along the east coast.

‘We finished the trip in the Háfa Deeps west of the Westmann Islands, and some of the Islands pelagic boats have been working even further to the south and west. Now it seems that the best fishing is east of the Kötlugrunn grounds that ties in with the opinion that the fish are moving eastwards. There’s mackerel along the banks, but it’ll be easier to handle in the shallows,’ Kristján Thorvarðarson said, adding that they expect to finish landing in the morning and intend to sail before midday.

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