Good business in Russia for Baader despite COVID-19

November 30, 2020 14:38

In spite of COVID-19 Baader has secured and fulfilled a whole string of big orders for onshore and onboard fish factories in the Russian Far East and North Fisheries Basin as the Russians have been actively building plants and boats under extra fishing quotas versus investment obligations scheme, reports

In fact, the bulk of the plants commissioned during the pandemic were fitted with machinery manufactured by Baader.

The pandemic-related closures of borders between countries and restrictions on movement between Russian regions have put investors in difficult conditions, because the deadlines for putting factories into operation are strictly limited by contracts with the government. If the plant is not commissioned on time, you won't get your investment quota for next year.

In this situation the Russian fishery companies and Baader service engineers have joined forces to defy the coronavirus force majeure.

"All major plants in the Far East that were built against investment fishing quotas are equipped with our equipment," Dmitry KOTLYAR, General Director of Baader - Vostok-Service LLC told Fishnews.  In Kamchatka, these are the plants of the Vityaz-Avto, Kamchattralflot and Lenin fishing co-op. In the Kuril Islands, we have equipped the coastal production facilities of Kurilsky Rybak and Alaid; in the Primorsky Krai province we have equipped Novy Mir and Russian Pollock plant.

Baader equipment was also fitted at the plants built against investment quotas in Arkhangelsk and Murmansk, not to mention the onboard factories on processor vessels."

Dmitry Kotlyar stressed that a full cycle of work has been completed at all the listed facilities such as installation supervision, commissioning and personnel training to operate the equipment.

The Russian Pollock, Alaid, and Lenin fishing co-op projects were being prepared for commissioning at the height of the pandemic. Due to border closures, the parent company in Germany was unable to send its own technicians. Therefore, all the work was performed by Baader - Vostok-Service technical staff.

Baader-Vostok-Service LLC is a joint Russian-German company established in 1992 to serve customers in the Russian Far East. The Russian technicians were trained in Germany and gained practical experience directly on the sites.

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