Former Primorsky Vice-Governor gets high-ranking job with Fishery Division of Russian Sea Group

July 17, 2012 21:52

Igor Uleisky, ex-vice governor of Primorsky Krai Province (Capital Vladivostok), joined Russian Sea -Fishery Company - not a formal subsidiary of the Russian Sea Group but rather the fishing arm of the same owners, according to   

There are rumors he will be involved into negotiations on purchase of NBAMR - a major pollock harvester in the Russian Far East. 

Some market players think the very fact that Peter Savchuk (ex-CEO of NBAMR) became General Director of Russian Sea-Fishery Company means the operation plans to buy BAMR.  However, other sources claim Savchuk's transfer to Russian Sea is not related with the hypothetical deal. 

A source in Primorsky Administration believes that Uleisky might success in negotiations with NBAMR owners, though other sources seriously doubt if he is a skilled enough negotiator.

By quota size NBAMR is second largest fishing company in Russia (no. 1 is Murmansk Trawl Fleet).  The company owns 17 vessels, catching about 150-160 of fish and squid per year.  This is about 12% of total catch in Pacific Russia.  The main shareholder is Larisa Belobrova, wife of ex-governor of Primorsky Krai.  She reportedly owns 75% of Dalinvestgroup, which owns 81.68% of NBAMR.  The company CEO is Oleg Darkin, the ex-governor's elder brother.

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