First X-ray guided cutting machine for cod fillet production line

April 24, 2013 17:33

HB Grandi signd a contract wth Valka at the Brussels European Seafood Exposition for an X-ray guidd cutting machine for its cod fllet production line. This is the first machine of its kind anywhere, and was unveiled publicly for the first time at the exhibition, reports based on information from HB Grandi.


HB Grandi was closely involved with the development of Valka’s first X ray guided cutting machine and this has been in use at the company’s Reykjavík factory since September last year. It is used for removing the backbones from redfish fillets as well as for automatic cutting of loins.


The new machine will be installed at the Akranes factory this summer, where it will be used to remove cod pinbones from fillets and to cut fillets into portions to the customer’s requirements. The company has decided to increase its cod production at its Akranes factory and the new technology is expected to result in increased productivity as well as better yields in producing portions.


HB Grandi and Valka are co-operating on a development project that is aimed at improving yields still further by implementing angled cutting in a project supported by AVS Fund and the Icelandic Research Fund.


This year HB Grandi was awarded the President of Iceland’s Award for Export Achievement, while Valka was presented with the Innovation Award by the Icelandic Research Fund, Innovation Centre Iceland, the Innovation Fund and Promote Iceland.


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