First batch of shrimp from DEFA stocked in St. Petersburg

July 3, 2021 00:42

Russia’s major importer DEFA Group has notified buyers that as per early July the first batch of northern shrimp Pandalus borealis, caught by its own Arctic Lion shrimper in the Barents Sea, has arrived at the company's coldstore in St. Petersburg, reports

According to DEFA, the current season is special for low yields and small shrimp sizes, so the DEFA company was looking forward to this shipment from Murmansk with mixed feelings.

The company underlines that this batch is 100% domestic, caught in the Russian EEZ.

Shipments to customers who have placed pre-orders have already begun, and part of the shrimp is being packed in bags under its own Fish&More brand.

Meanwhile, the company's shrimper continues the fishery in the Barents Sea. DEFA hopes that with the development of the season, the size range and catch volumes will improve.

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