Eastern Yard preparing to launch second crab boat

June 29, 2021 00:44

The Eastern Yard based in Vladivostok has completed the formation of the hull of the second crab boat of project 03141 and on June 21 rolled the vessel out of the boathouse for painting the hull and further launching, reports Megafishnet.com.

According to korabel.ru, the crabber named "Ayan" will touch the water in the first half of August later this year.

The main equipment of the engine and refrigeration departments, compressor and a number of other rooms have already been installed. The boatswain's storeroom, aggregate, compressor, hold No. 1, tiller, engine and refrigerator compartments, as well as spare parts storeroom were all painted.

Now the workers of the Eastern shipyard are facing the task of painting the crabber’s hull, reloading the necessary equipment and preparing the vessel for launching.

The length and width of the boat are 63.27 and 10.6 meters. The displacement is 1586 tons. The live crab transportation capacity is up to 100 tons.

The work on this and subsequent crabbers will be instrumental in switching to a serial mode, which will speed up the construction of not only crabbers, but later also longliners.

In addition to the delivery of two crabbers, the company plans to deliver two border patrol ships of the project 10410 "Firefly" to the customer this year and a floating berth of the project PM-61M. Besides, the yard will complete the construction of a small sea tanker "Mikhail Barskov" of the project 03182.

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