Dobroflot to build a logistics center near Moscow

June 9, 2021 00:49

The Governor of the Tula Region Alexey Dyumin and the CEO of the Dobroflot Group of Companies Alexander Efremov have signed an investment agreement providing for the construction of the Yuzhmorrybflot Logistics Complex in the city of Tula about 180 km south of Moscow, reports

According to Dobroflot operating a big fleet and canneries in the Russian Far East, the concept of the project provides for the construction of dry warehouses for canned fish with a total area of 12,500 square meters, the construction of a cold store for fresh-frozen fish products with an area of 2,500 square meters (with the possibility of expanding to 4,000 square meters) and the organization of a container terminal for 500 TEU.

The total capacity of the warehouses will allow storing 35 million cans and 4,200 tons of frozen products at any one time. The expected annual turnover will amount up to 90 million cans and up to 50,000 tons of frozen fish products.

"The warehouse complex will become an indispensable link in our logistics chain and will speed up the transportation of goods in the European part of Russia," said Alexander Efremov. "The implementation of the project will allow for the uninterrupted supply of a wide range of canned fish and fresh-frozen fish at affordable prices both to the Tula Region and neighboring regions."

Khomyakovsky factory

Earlier in 2018, in the Tula region the Dobroflot purchased the Khomyakovsky factory (fish processing and cold storage), the plant being actually in a state of disrepair.

Currently, the plant is running at full capacity producing high-quality convenient products from pollock, cod and squid. The capacity allows to produce up to 8.5 thousand tons of fish products per year.

The area of the plant and auxiliary buildings is about 26,000 sq. meters. The plant has implemented completely waste-free production technologies based on the state-of-the-art equipment manufactured by " Marel "(Iceland) and" Baader " (Germany). Dobroflot says that the plant in the Tula region has no analogues in terms of the degree of automation among fish processing plants in Russia.

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