DOBROFLOT intensified export operations

February 15, 2021 09:31

Despite a difficult year 2020, Dobroflot group of companies managed to find growth zones and close the year with a 30% increase in export sales in physical terms, having shipped 14.5 thousand tons for the amount of 1.5 billion rubles, reports

The biggest part of export was pollock, including fillets. "The Russian pollock volume, previously intended for processing in China, today will be processed in this country, as due to coronavirus spread delivery is close to impossible," said Alexander Efremov, Dobroflot group of companies’ manager. “We have launched a pollock processing plant on the Russian shore in a very timely manner.”

The large-scale project was implemented in the territory of priority development (Russian acronym TOR) "Bolshoy Kamen" enjoying investment preferences. “The TOR resident status allowed us to complete a 1.5 billion rubles’ project in two years and launch the plant at the right time,” said Alexander Efremov.

“We hope this will not only help to solve the problem of selling Russian fish, reorienting it for processing at Russian enterprises, but also provide us a chance to enter international finished products markets of pollock, cod, pink salmon fillets, particularly in retail packaging, which were previously produced in China”.

Surely, the virus spread danger is still a problem, but managers control the situation.  The project allowed to develop inshore fishery and fish processing in Primorye, which has potential due to its geographical location.  The products are being delivered to markets previously inaccessible and bring the Russian Dobroflot brand to international level in the segment of fillets in individual packaging, as well as fish semis.

So, 5.65 thousand tons of pollock has been sent to production in Bolshoy Kamen. Some WR pollock is still exported to China, but the volume has been reduced from 3.8 thousand tons to 1.25 thousand tons. The company has started HG pollock shipments to Vietnam. In addition to it, 116 tons of scallop were shipped to the markets of South Korea and China in 2020.

At the end of 2020, the Dobroflot group of companies received the first results in the export of pollock fillets produced at a plant in the Tula region.  The first 3 containers were shipped to Europe, Canada and the USA.

“It was a long way - the restoration of production, obtaining registrations, but today all work has been completed, and now the fully renewed fish and seafood processing plant has reached its capacity.

An extensive product range includes high-quality semi-finished products of pollock, cod and squid. The factory is equipped with the most modern equipment of the companies Marel and Baader, the production facilities can produce up to 8.5 thousand tons of fish products per year. This plant is equal to none in terms of production automation degree among fish processing plants in Russia.

By 2023 the group plans to increase the share of exports in the sales structure to 60% by increasing the sales volumes of pollock, pink salmon, squid, cod fillets to Canada, Europe and the USA, as well as to build its own logistics center in the Tula region.

In 2021, Dobroflot Group of Companies will introduce to Canadian market canned fish under the Dobroflot brand, produced at the Vsevolod Sibirtsev mothership. Also, work is underway on penetration to markets of Japan and Europe. Dobroflot preserves have already been presented in Belarus, the USA, Australia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Moldova and Cuba. “We hope that the favorite brand of canned fish of Russians will win the hearts of people in other countries as well,” said the manager of Dobroflot Group.

Dobroflot Group of Companies owns fleet of 24, including 16 catchers, 3 mother vessels, 5 trampers. Canned fish has been produced since 1911 and 170 million cans of canned fish are produced per year. A well-developed logistics system and the presence of cold storages in the largest regions of the country allow the products delivery to any city in Russia, CIS countries and the whole world.

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