Deck gear installed on newbuilding supertrawler for RFC in St. Petersburg

May 25, 2021 11:22

The installation of fishing and cargo deck equipment has been completed on the lead supertrawler "Kapitan Vdovichenko" from a series of vessels that are being built for the Russian Fishery Company (RFC) at the Admiralty Shipyards in St. Petersburg, reports

According to RFC, next the main engine is to be test-started. Meanwhile the installation of the fishmeal plant is also being completed, and the fish processing plant will be erected in early summer.

"As the installation is being completed and the equipment is being connected to the systems and power supply, a number of mooring tests of the equipment is performed. This is the final stage of the construction before the ship is delivered to the customer, " commented Dmitry Sapov, Director of Fleet Construction at RFC. – With a gap of three months, similar work is carried out on the second ship of the series – "Mechanic Maslak".

As previously reported, energy-saving innovations are used in the equipment of the new vessels. The trawl complex includes electric hoisting winches that allow energy recovery in order to redirect it to the main production needs and general needs of the ship thus reducing fuel consumption.

The fishmeal plant will use steam produced by the boiler using fish oil as fuel and utilizing the residual heat of the exhaust gases.

Besides, the fishmeal plant will provide an increased meal yield due to the additional process of protein recovery from the liquid stock.

In order to ensure careful management of the bioresource, a catch weighing system has been installed, which allows taking into account the volume of fish caught, which eliminates its subsequent dumping and thus serves to preserve the fish populations.

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