Connecting consumers with sustainable seafood: MSC launches online product search

June 27, 2011 16:14

Today MSC launches a new online tool to help shoppers find certified sustainable seafood, linking customers to businesses that use the MSC ecolabel on packaging, reports with reference to MSC. 

The sustainable seafood product finder, at , makes it easy for consumers who want to support sustainable fishing to find MSC-labelled products.
Get the most out of using the MSC ecolabel on packaging

The product finder lists MSC-labelled products that are available in stores worldwide. Search results include information about and images of sustainable seafood products, and provide a link to the brand or retailer's web site making it easy for the user to click through to see the supplier's whole range and find out more about the company.
Promoting MSC-labelled seafood to consumers worldwide

The product finder lists over 5,000 consumer facing products that are available in stores in over 60 countries. Shoppers can find all the MSC-labelled products available in their country and narrow down their search to look for seafood from particular brands and retailers, or search for a particular species. Consumers can also sign up for email updates when new MSC-labelled seafood products launch in their country, or from their favoured brands or retailers.

The MSC product finder is now online in English and will soon be available in further languages to make it easy for consumers worldwide to find products from certified sustainable fisheries. The search will launch soon in German, Swedish, Dutch and Spanish.
Responding to partner demand

"The new feature enables partners to promote their commitment to sustainable seafood sourcing policies directly to consumers"

"Connecting consumers to sustainable seafood products is a high priority for our commercial partners and the improvements we have introduced are in response to requests from seafood brands to better promote MSC-labelled products," says Simon Edwards, MSC Global Communications and Marketing Director. "The new search function is a vast improvement on the listing of MSC-labelled products on, which, even when very basic was one of the most visited sections of MSC website. Consumers can now search our database and find MSC-labelled products that interest them far more quickly and conveniently. The new feature also enables partners to promote their commitment to sustainable seafood sourcing policies directly to consumers much more effectively".

The sustainable seafood product finder complements other MSC activities to promote businesses that are committed to sourcing sustainable seafood and using the MSC ecolabel these include joint marketing campaigns, free to use marketing materials, partner pages on the MSC website and more.

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