Awards for Omega-3 dietary supplement from wild Kamchatka salmon

June 25, 2021 09:10

The biologically active food additive Omega-3 manufactured by the Tymlatsky fish processing plant has won gold and platinum awards of the All-Russian brand (III millennium) "Quality Mark of the XXI century", reports

According to TASS, the" platinum " quality mark was awarded to Omega-3 from wild Kamchatka salmon in the packaging of 600 and 1000 mg.

The following products of the fish processing plant received the "golden" quality mark:

- Dietary supplement for Omega-3 from wild Kamchatka salmon (1000 mg and 600 mg);

- Dietary supplement to Omega-3 from wild Kamchatka salmon for children from 3 years old (300 mg);

- Omega-3 from wild Kamchatka salmon "refined edible fish oil " (300 mg).

The quality and safety of these products of the Kamchatka-based enterprise is confirmed by the results of laboratory testing.

The additives are made from wild salmonids harvested by the company. Currently, the Tymlatsky fish processing plant is the only producer of encapsulated Omega-3 in Kamchatka. The company extracts all the useful substances from the heads of Pacific salmon, removes fatty acids by chemical means, eliminates the color and fishy smell, meanwhile also preventing crystallization of the finished product.

In the Omega-3 for children, the company's specialists have developed a method in which fish oil capsules are produced with different fruit flavors and children consume them with great pleasure, unlike the generation of their grandparents, dads and moms.

"According to the results of the competition in the category "Quality Mark", the products of Kamchatka enterprises have won 14 quality marks, of which eight are gold and six are platinum. Gold quality marks were awarded to the products of three enterprises of the fish processing industry. Four fishing companies have been awarded platinum quality marks.

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