500 to 600 tonne trips

July 18, 2016 15:34

HB Grandi’s pelagic factory in Vopnafjördur completed landing a 600 tonne trip from Venus on Wednesday, caught in two days at sea, and now Víkingur is alongside with much the same amount of fish after a similar trip, reports www.megafishnet.com with reference to the company.

‘We’re back at sea and we’ve taken one 100 tonne haul so far,’ said Gudlaugur Jónsson, skipper on board Venus, adding that mackerel fishing off the south-east is still quiet and not a great many boats are fishing there at present.

‘But the mackerel will start to show soon and then there’ll be more of us fishing,’ he said, commenting that there was some herring mixed with the last trip’s mackerel.

‘This time we´re working deeper so we can lose the herring by-catch. Average weights so far have been 370 to 400 gramme fish and the mackerel are gaining weight quickly,’ he said.

The mackerel season has been in progress for two weeks for the HB Grandi fleet, and so far Venus has made three landings to Vopnafjördur. Trips have been in the region of 500 to 600 tonnes after two days’ fishing.

Source: Brim
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