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Newbuilding wet fish trawler to help boost fillet production
December 1, 2020 00:19

Murmanfishproducts Ltd has signed a contract to build a 35-meter wet trawler for inshore fishery in the Barents Sea. The boat will help the fishermen to boost its onshore fillet production, reports

Good business in Russia for Baader despite COVID-19
November 30, 2020 14:38

In spite of COVID-19 Baader has secured and fulfilled a whole string of big orders for onshore and onboard fish factories in the Russian Far East and North Fisheries Basin as the Russians have been actively building plants and boats under extra fishing quotas versus investment obligations scheme, reports

YANTAR Yard moves newbuilding trawler to open slipway
November 30, 2020 09:42

YANTAR shipyard based in Kaliningrad region has moved the main part of the hull of “Viktor Gavrilov” factory trawler from the slipway assembly shop to the open slipway, reports

Leading processor announcing plans for big changes in production and distribution
November 29, 2020 09:44

TH BALTIC COAST, LLC, a leading processor head-quartered in St-Petersburg has announced it will be moving its main production facilities out of the city to its site in the surrounding province, reports

Hearing of dispute of big pollock players postponed
November 27, 2020 10:05

The Russian fishery sector is following with keen interest the conflict between the Pollock Catchers Association (holder of MSC-certified list of vessels) and the Russian Fishery Company in the wake of the expulsion of RFC-linked fishing companies from the organization. As a result, the expelled companies are facing potential loss of MSC label and the dispute was moved to the Arbitration Court of Primorye province, reports

Layout plan for $36 million Fish Market finalized in Vladivostok
November 25, 2020 10:00

In Vladivostok the authorities have approved the layout plan for the territory of the city’s Fish Market, according to the Agency for Fisheries of the Primorsky territory, reports

Pilot phase of $40 million crab factory taking off in Murmansk
November 24, 2020 08:54

A pilot stage of onshore crab processing operation has been launched in Murmansk to be upgrade to a larger capacity later, reports

Onshore plants worth $26 million nearing completion
November 24, 2020 08:53

Investors have injected more than RUR2 billion in the creation of factories in Kondopoga of Karelia (Russia's province in the Northwest) and now they are being commissioned, reports

RFC completed the first season of the "clean coast" eco-marathon
October 22, 2020 11:59

On the coast of Shchitovaya Bay, volunteers held the final clean-up of the current season as part of the Clean Coast ecological marathon. The event was organized by the Russian Fisheries Company with the support of the Vladivostok City Administration.

Brim: Scarce fish on Westfjords grounds

‘This was a poor trip, although we managed to pull it off. The fishing started well, and then it dried up completely. There’s not much to be had on Westfjords fishing grounds at the moment so we’ll have to search elsewhere,’ said Friðleifur Einarsson, skipper of fresher trawler Helga María.

Russian Fishery Company confirmed a high level of its products food safety
September 10, 2020 10:26

Russian Fishery Company (RFC) has successfully passed certification for compliance of the food safety management system at the trawler "Ivan Kalinin" with the requirements of ISO 22 000. The certificate was issued by the head certification body RS Quality LLC in the certification system "Standart Garant".

Russian Fishery Company started its fleet renewal
September 2, 2020 15:52

Russian Fishery Company (RFC) decommissioned the trawler "Bazhenovsk". The decommissioning of the old vessel is part of a large-scale program to update the fleet.

Brim: Helga María’s Greenland assignment going well
August 6, 2020 14:53

‘We have two trawl locations to go. At the moment we’re towing a camera sled south of Kulusuk in Eastern Greenland. Altogether, this later part of the survey has gone very well. For those of us who are used to fishing on home grounds, the time spent here has been quite an adventure,’ said Helga María’s skipper Friðleifur Einarsson earlier today.

Russian Fisherу Company announces H1 2020 operational results
July 30, 2020 15:14

Russian Fisherу Company (RFC) in the first half of 2020 exceeded the planned catch and production targets.

Russian pollock plant equipment commissioning started
July 14, 2020 08:37

At the Russian Pollock factory, that the Russian Fishery Company (RFC) is building in Primorsky Territory, equipment commissioning has begun. Commissioning of the plant is scheduled for September 1 of this year.

Russian Fishery Company fleet renewal to reduce carbon footprint by 50%
July 10, 2020 09:13

The new fishing vessels built for Russian Fishery Company (RFC) will be environmentally friendly and provide the most economical levels of energy efficiency. Ensuring that CO2 emissions per ton of fish weight will be reduced by 50% compared with existing vessels.

Brim puts investment into Greenland Company
July 3, 2020 12:17

The board of Icelandic fishing and processing company Brim has announced investment worth €85 million in Greenlandic company Arctic Prime Fisheries.

The first serial supertrawler for the Russian Fishery Company launched at the Admiralty Shipyards
June 25, 2020 17:21

At the Admiralty Shipyards (St. Petersburg), a solemn ceremony of launching the first serial vessel for the Russian Fishery Company (“Mechanic Maslak”) took place. Commissioning of the vessel is scheduled for autumn 2021. In total, 10 similar vessels will be built by the Admiralty Shipyards for the RFC.

BRIM joins the Blue Army
June 18, 2020 15:03

Brim hf. has become the main sponsor of the environmental organisation The Blue Army that has for 25 years fought the plastic pollution of the ocean by cleaning the coastline and through encouragement increased public awareness of this important issue. 

The governor of Primorsky Krai praised the progress in the construction of the Russian pollock plant in a pandemic period

The Governor of Primorsky Krai Oleg Kozhemyako visited the site of the Russian Pollock fish processing plant, which the Russian Fishery Company (RFC) is building on the territory of the “Nadezhdinskaya” priority development area (Primorsky Krai). The commissioning of the plant is scheduled for September 1 of this year.

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