«A lot of salmon» company launching first own dark kitchen in St. Petersburg

July 3, 2021 00:06

Russia’s retailer X5 Group has announced plans for further development of the «A lot of salmon» and the beginning of its operations St. Petersburg, reports Megafishnet.com.

According to X5 Retail Group, in the northern capital, the service opened its first own dark kitchen outside the Moscow region. The kitchen has a total area of 120 sq. m. and it is located on Moskovsky Prospekt in the Park Pobedy metro area.

Dark kitchen produces more than 200 types of dishes under the brands "A lot of Salmon", "10 perfect pizzas", "Rolls No. 1" and YAJI. Orders can be placed through a mobile application "A lot of salmon", as well as through the aggregators "About", Delivery Club and " Yandex.Food". At the moment, the delivery covers almost the entire Moscow district of St. Petersburg.

By the end of the year, the service plans to launch several dark kitchens in the city with an area of 50 to 200 square meters and provide delivery throughout the territory of St. Petersburg.

"A Lot of Salmon '' is a foodtech project that develops the federal network of dark kitchens and a pool of online restaurant brands. At the moment, the project unites 25 kitchens, 15 sushi points in the capital's supermarkets "Perekrestok", as well as four brands, its own mobile application and a set of software products to support key business processes, including food preparation and delivery. At the end of March 2021, the company became part of the X5 Group.

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