$56 million terminal to lure boats from Norway and Europe back to Murmansk

December 17, 2020 09:29

The Udarnik terminal, which is being implemented by Norebo Group of Companies, has been included in the forecast of socio-economic development of Murmansk Region for 2021-2023. The province’s authorities are backing the project because its launch is to shift maintenance of Russian fishing vessels and international sales of Russian fish products from the ports of Norway and Europe to Murmansk, reports Megafishnet.com.

According to Norebo, the Group is investing about RUB 4.1 billion (ca. $56 million) in the construction of the new hub.

Under the plan, the capacity of the coldstore will amount to 35 thousand tons while the terminal will be able to handle 800 thousand tons per year, including 500 thousand tons of fish products and 300 thousand tons of general cargoes.

A wide range of services will be provided to include cargo handling; storage and warehousing of frozen or chilled cargoes, complex servicing for fishing companies. Along with fishing vessels, the merchant fleet and general-purpose vessels will also be serviced.

In particular, the terminal will take care of the maintenance of ships while berthed in the port, inter-voyage maintenance and ship repair, preparation for fishing trips, provision of supplies, bunkering, as well as logistics services, services of ship agents and surveyors.

The terminal will handle liner vessels with large-capacity containers and general cargo. It will store and accumulate refrigerated cargoes on the site with a capacity of up to 500 containers.

Among other services, Udarnik will forward cargoes through "one window" to the domestic and foreign markets while also organizing shipment, refrigerated containers inclusive.

According to the company, now in Murmansk there is a shortage of port capacities and high-quality service for fishing companies, but the launch of Udarnik will allow to shift the center of service for Russian fishing vessels and sales of Russian fish products from the ports of Norway and Europe to Murmansk.

Udarnik should become one of the largest terminals for transshipment of refrigerated cargoes, the hub to be connected with regular voyages along the Northern sea route to Petropavlovsk-kamchatsky, the capital of Kamchatka where Norebo is already implementing a similar Seroglazka project.

The Norebo Group includes large fishing companies in the North-West and Far East, trading companies that sell the holding's fish products in Russia and abroad, a fish processing factory and a cargo terminal with cold stores and berthing lines, as well as companies that manage the holding's assets administratively.

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