New tin manufacturer near Vladivostok will become Russia’s pioneer in production of laminated tin for seafood

Resident of the Free port of Vladivostok (a port zone under a special custom and taxation system, with a particular jurisdiction regarding investments) Vostochnyi Bereg Ltd will start manufacturing laminated tins for seafood on its current premises in Nakhodka.

In high-protein environment cans made of ordinary tin quickly oxidize and become stained, therefore the taste of the insides deteriorates. The use of laminated tin solves the problem cardinally.

Along with new jobs, the factory will provide local processors with high-quality domestic cans, reduce dependence on foreign suppliers, lead to smaller end-product costs and finally make canned fish and seafood more affordable for Russian consumers.

The company has already invested ca.81 million RUR into the project and is now in search for additional investments to pay for equipment for lid production. As the project’s coordinator the region’s Investment Agency will help the company raise the funds via a federal support program or a soft loan for small and medium businesses.

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