Brim: Herring season starts well

Pelagic vessel Venus was expected to dock in Vopnafjörður Yesterday afternoon with 1260 tonnes on board. The herring catch was taken in four hauls over 24 hours in the Héráðsflói Deep, which is around five hours’ steaming from Vopnafjörður.

Bergur Einarsson was skipper and he’s satisfied with the start to the herring fishery.

‘This is out second trip on herring only, and before the weekend we landed 1360 tonnes in Vopnafjörður. In fact, we started with 600 tonnes of herring that we had taken at the tail-end of a mackerel trip, so we’ve caught 3200 tonnes of herring so far.’

He commented that there had been every chance the herring would have migrated out of the Héráðsflói Deep, but it had been a pleasant surprise that there had been so much herring there when Venus arrived on the fishing grounds.

‘It looks as if the herring had moved along the bank and then turned back instead of heading out into deeper water. This is all fine quality herring that’s ideal for production,’ Bergur Einarsson said.

There are two trawls on board Venus. One of these is a new 2048 Gloría herring trawl with hexagonal meshes, which is the 2019 version. This has performed well on board Venus.

Source: Brim
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