Company Announces Availability of A2 Omega-3, Fuel, Protein and Feed Products for Customer Evaluation

April 25, 2011 10:44

Aurora Algae introduced the A2 product portfolio, a series of natural products derived from its proprietary algae platform. The A2 product portfolio is uniquely sustainable, scalable, and flexible to address growing demand in the explosive nutrition, aquaculture, pharmaceutical, and energy markets, reports with reference to Aurora Algae.

With the A2 product family, Aurora Algae positively addresses the food versus fuel argument surrounding the risks associated with redirecting farmland and crops for biofuels production to the detriment of the food supply on a global scale. Leveraging its photosynthetic algae platform, the Company can simultaneously produce a vegetarian food source and renewable biofuel products, year-round with a single crop. Combining its proprietary algae strains and production process, which uses arid land, seawater, sunlight and captured carbon pollution from industrial emitters, the Company is able to grow its algae in a more environmentally sustainable manner.

The portfolio is comprised of four "algae-to-product" (A2 product) categories: 
A2 Omega-3TM-a family of Omega-3 oils aimed at the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical markets with the goal of providing a natural, sustainable and cost-effective alternative to fish oil and fermented products. The first offering in this family, A2 EPA PureTM will make the benefits of EPA available to a broader market since it is derived from an allergen-free, vegetarian source.
A2 FeedTM-a family of protein-rich algal grains specifically designed for the animal and aquaculture markets to supply a high-quality feedstock to raise sustainably farmed fish and healthy animals.
A2 FuelTM-a family of biomass and biodiesel applications providing renewable alternatives for transportation and other energy-related markets.
A2 ProteinTM-a family of protein-rich powder products for the food and beverage industry.

Grown at the Company's recently completed demonstration facility in Western Australia, approximately 15 tonnes per month of rich algal biomass is now available for customer evaluation.

"Leveraging our in-depth knowledge of these marine organisms, and our proprietary molecular genetic approaches, we have established non-GMO algae strains with drastically enhanced lipid profiles, yield and resilience," said Dr. Bertrand Vick, chief science officer for Aurora Algae. "These innovations, combined with our optimized cultivation, harvesting and extraction technologies, have allowed us to quickly bring to market a sustainable, renewable portfolio of products."

The algal oil and powder resulting from Aurora Algae's process lend their best attributes to the four A2 product families, which are then distilled down into more distinct products. For example, within the A2 Omega-3 product family, Aurora Algae leverages the high percentage of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) found in its biomass to produce a unique EPA product. The company's "crude" algal oil contains a concentration of 65 percent EPA, versus the industry standard of "crude" fish oil at 18 percent, which can then be sourced to create A2 EPA Pure.

"With A2 EPA Pure, we'll make a significant contribution to the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries, providing a new sustainable, continuous source of EPA in the highest natural concentration available to date," said Leslie van der Meulen, vice president of business development for Aurora Algae. "The allergen-free, vegetarian sourced A2 EPA Pure will be a game changer. The unique properties and infinitely scalable nature of our algae platform will allow our customers to safely invest in the abundant application potential of EPA, knowing their supply is guaranteed."

Aurora Algae's proprietary algal platform, which was introduced late last year, is being cultivated at its demonstration facility in Karratha, Western Australia. The Company will hold a grand opening event at the facility on May 4. Aurora Algae strategic partners and customers are invited to attend the event to celebrate this advancement in high-tech farming.

A2 product samples are shipping today to potential customers in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, biodiesel, aquaculture, animal feed, and food and beverage industries.  For more information on the event or to request samples, please contact .

About Aurora Algae
 Aurora Algae is a producer of high-performance, premium algae-based products for the pharmaceutical, nutrition, aquaculture and fuels markets. The company has developed the industry's first commercial-scale photosynthetic platform for sustainable, algae-based product development. Aurora Algae's proprietary algae strains and production process uses arid land, seawater and captured carbon pollution from industrial emitters resulting in more capitally efficient and more environmentally sustainable algae farming. Aurora Algae enables its customers and partners to improve the diversity and sustainability of their product portfolios, while addressing consumer demand for natural products. For more information, please visit .

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