Coldstore operator preparing for salmon season

April 27, 2007 12:23

OOO Lobnensky Khladokombinat (ltd), a coldstore based in Lobnya near Moscow, is seeking orders for future supplies of fish products from the coming salmon season 2007 so as to guarantee regular and timely deliveries to the customers.

During the forthcoming salmon season which will peak in July and August the company will be supplying the following products:

  • pink salmon head-on and head-off, contact frozen;
  • pink and chum salmon milts, freshfrozen;
  • salmon caviar in barrels, cans or freshfrozen roe skeins;
  • canned pink salmon natural in own juice, can No.6;
  • canned Pacific ragout in own juice, can No.6.

Along with the above, the company will also be supplying products from the saury fishery:

  • saury freshfrozen;
  • canned saury natural in own juice or with oil, can No.6.

The firm says it guarantees that all the products meet GOST state standards, are accompanied with necessary papers and are delivered to the customers according to the required temperature regime.

The goods can be paid for either in advance or while in transit to the customer or on delivery from the coldstore to Moscow.

The company says it is interested in establishing close relations with the largest operators on the freshfrozen fish market.

More information from:
Dom 92-A, Ulitsa Leitenanta Boiko, Lobnya, Moskovskaya Oblast, Russia; Tel./fax: +7 495 5449234, 5449236, e-mail:,

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