Cod population in Norwegian and Barents Seas reported as record strong

August 31, 2009 15:01
Arctic cod population in the Norwegian Sea and in the Barents Sea has been reported record strong since 1948 thanks to climatic changes resulting into higher water temperatures in the seas, reports ( with reference to Murman.Ru.

More specifically, the cod biomass in the Barents Sea has been growing by 1 million tonnes per year and now it is 300% up on 1999.

The scientists are sure that the reason behind such record strong population of cod lies in increased water temperature of the Norwegian Sea, which is the main spawning area for the North Atlantic cod. The water temperature in the area increased by 2 degrees Celsius as compared to the figures for 1960s.

Due to the man-caused impact on the climate, the water temperature in the region will continue growing which will lead to rising population of cod and other species.

The Norwegian specialists already recommend to raise the quotas for cod capture in the Barents Sea in 2010 to 577,500 tonnes, 50 tonnes up on 2009.

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