Clearwater Profiles Sustainability Initiatives for Provincial Minister of Environment

October 22, 2010 15:10

Clearwater Profiles Sustainability Initiatives for Provincial Minister of Environment, reports with reference to Clearwater Seafoods.

Clearwater Seafoods Limited Partnership ("Clearwater") hosted Nova Scotia Environment Minister Sterling Belliveau on October 5, 2010 as he toured the south shore learning about how Nova Scotia businesses and municipalities are taking strides to protect the environment. Minister Belliveau visited the Clearwater Fleet Operations office in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia to hear more about the commercialization of a new technology that will harness heat from vessel engines to provide onboard freezing capacity while processing at sea.

Clearwater is known for its commitment to sustainable fisheries and improving environmental performance in its operations. Developed by energy company Thermalfrost Inc., the heat recovery technology is being tested onboard Clearwater vessels and will reduce the use of fuel, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions and operating costs.

Minister Belliveau was impressed with the innovations that are leading to greater sustainability in Nova Scotia. "It is inspiring to see progressive businesses and municipalities embarking on clean technology projects. Many are already seeing the benefits, not only in terms of reduced impact on the environment, but also through cost savings and increased profits."

"We are making great strides to save energy across the company and the commercialization of this technology on our vessels is just one of a suite of tools we are using to achieve our sustainability goals," stated Mike Pittman, Clearwater VP of Fleet Management. "We were happy to showcase this initiative to Minister Belliveau and continue to demonstrate leadership in sustainable business practices."

About Clearwater

Since its founding in 1976, Clearwater has invested in science, people, technology, resource ownership and resource management to preserve and grow its seafood resource. Clearwater is vertically integrated from ‘ocean to plate' owning the quotas, licenses, vessels, processing facilities, and providing the delivery and customer support services to their local and global customer base.

The Marine Stewardship Council has certified four of Clearwater's key quotas, Argentine scallops, Canadian scallops, offshore lobster and coldwater shrimp, as being harvested and managed in a sustainable and well-managed fishery, providing both scientific evidence and global recognition of Clearwater's sustainability efforts.

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