Change of management mode at leading whitefish combine

April 24, 2007 16:17

OAO Murmansk Trawl Fleet (plc), the leading fishing and processing combine of the Russian North Fisheries Basin, conducted annual meeting of shareholders in order to elect the board of directors, the company's auditor and members of check-up committee. Along with the above, the participants discussed company's annual reports and accounts, profit and loss inclusive, as well as distribution of profits according to the results of the 2006 financial year.

More specifically, the meeting elected 7 people to form the board of directors including Alexander Gorbachev, Yuri Zatorsky, Igor Li, Vitaly Prutkov, Yuri Prutkov, Pereira Figueira Alves Joao Carlos (from Portugal) and Sven Gunnar Lexner from Norway.

At the meeting the participants decided not to pay dividends to the shareholders.

The authority of MTF's single executive body was transferred to OOO Upravlyayuschaya Kompania (ltd) managing company, while OOO Auditorskaya Kompania ALKO-M (ltd) was elected the company's auditor.

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