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Russia’s Federal Agency for Fishery (FAF) has put up for electronic auctions five large areas for marine culture off the coast of Primorsky Krai province (Capital Vladivostok), reports

As per mid-April 2021 the wholesale market at St. Petersburg (Russia’s main entry port for imported seafood) is displaying good demand for hake HGT from Uruguay and Argentina as well as pangasius fillets from Vietnam, reports

As per mid-April 2021 wholesale prices for frozen salmon from Chile have stopped its rise in Moscow despite the price increase in the country of origin, reports

As per mid-April 2021 the wholesale market in Murmansk is displaying persistent poor supply of cod, haddock and saithe for the domestic needs as most of the catch is shipped for export, reports

Traditionally, April 9 is treated as the end of the main fishing season at the Far East, it is the Sea of Okhotsk Alaska pollock fishery.  This year season was fairy unusual in many aspects.  The main difference is that it has not ended yet. Of course, the fishery in the three main subzones ended according to the plan, but this year East Sakhalin pollock fishery was certified by MSC, and therefore those few who have a quota there continued to work, reports Megafishnet.

The Russian Aquaculture Company (RA), the largest salmon producer operating in the country’s North, is working on possible Atlantic salmon farming in Primorye province (capital Vladivostok) with the final decision to be made later this summer. Another possibility on the agenda has to do with marine culture of scallops and sea cucumbers (the latter known as trepan in the region), reports

As per mid-April 2021 the first hand prices for quite a number of products from the Russian Far Eastern Fisheries have been gathering momentum, reports

Newbuild trawlers lessons learned / April 14, 2021 08:47, paid article

The Sea of Okhotsk pollock fishing season is over.  It is very important for the Far Eastern fishermen, and this year it was remarkable because of participation of newbuilt ships.  The trawlers have gone through a lot of childhood illnesses, which was expected.  We, at, understand that all the problems will be cured, and the experience gained will be used in the construction of the next ships.

The initial forecast of the All-Russia Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography (VNIRO) is making positive projections for the forthcoming salmon season in Kamchatka while the harvest potential for the Sakhalin fisheries is seen as very poor, reports


Russia’s Federal Agency for Fishery (FAF) has invited fishermen to apply for quota shares for harvesting pelagic species in Morocco’s Atlantic Fishing Zone, reports


Russian seafood imports in 2020 displaying mixed results / April 13, 2021 15:42, paid article

The Russian seafood imports in 2020 slightly declined year-on-year but at the same time the volumes of many important products simply surged while mostly less important species contributed to the reduction in the total, reports

The construction of a processing plant using a fish pipeline for the incoming raw material is planned on the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk. This was announced by Kamchatka governor Vladimir Solodov in a local TV program while speaking about a visit to Lenin Fishing Co-op, reports


Dobroflot shipping first batch of canned fish to Canada / April 12, 2021 14:06, paid article

The Dobroflot Group of companies has expanded the geography of sales of finished products shipping the first batch of canned fish from Primorye to Canada, reports


In March 2021 a few Russian trawlers were targeting various species at East and West Greenland, NAFO regulatory area and in the Mauritanian EEZ, reports

In March 2021 Russian fleets continued targeting herring, Northern blue whiting and black halibut in the Norwegian Sea, reports

Barents Sea catch and quota progress in March 2021 / April 9, 2021 09:48, paid article

During the third month of 2021 Russian fleets operating in the Atlantic Ocean harvested 106,000 tonnes of fish, 17,600 tonnes up on February 2021, reports

ÖZATA Shipyard (Yalova, Turkey) delivered to a Russian customer the lead catcher-processor of Project KSP02, designed by Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB), reports


This year pollock roe auctions in Busan, Korea are different to 2020 and totally different to “normal” way, reports Megafishnet.

Dozens of Russian firms are going to exhibit at Seafood Expo Global in Barcelona in September later this year with the display focus of the national stand moving from raw to processed fish, reports


Russian Aquaculture PJSC (the “Company”), a major Russian salmon aquaculture company, announces its IFRS financial results for the full year 2020.

The Russian fishery scientists have completed the forecast for the Bering sea pollock season starting in May later this year, reports


Murmansk Region will provide every possible support for the projects of the Northern Sea Transit Corridor and the Western transport and logistics hub of Rusatom Cargo LLC, the branch logistics operator of Rosatom State Corporation, reports


At the beginning of April, two lots of 1000 tons each of Kamchatka pink salmon from the first catches of the future summer season have been put up for sale at the Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange. The terms of the transaction are to be fixed by a forward contract with deferred delivery and payment adjustment according to the market situation in the future, reports


The Norwegian government has blocked purchase of the Bergen Engines Plant by Russia’s TRANSMASHHOLDING concern, reports


The construction of an export-oriented wholesale distribution center for storage and processing of agricultural products, frozen fish inclusive, is about to take off in the city of Elektrostal, Moscow Region, reports


The Russian market for dry-cured fish which has seen continuous growth in the last few years is set for a further increase in the next five-year period, reports


Vladivostok Fish Port reports surge in seafood handling / April 4, 2021 22:50, paid article

In the first quarter 2021 Vladivostok Fish Port has sharply increased seafood turnover year-on-year, reports


Speaking at a late March press conference, President of VARPE (Russia’s main fishery association) German Zverev summed up the sector’s results for 2020 and voiced investment proposals for the next few years, reports


Russia and China to integrate vet control systems / April 2, 2021 00:10, paid article

On March 31, the Russian vet watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor and the General Customs Administration of the People's Republic of China) held video talks on the possibility of integrating information systems in the field of veterinary supervision of the two countries in order to exchange veterinary certificates in electronic form for controlled goods of animal origin, fish inclusive, in mutual trade, reports


Iceland's Directorate of Fisheries Fiskistofa reports about total catches as registered in the national quota system.


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