Catch, catch value and processing of catch 2009

August 30, 2010 10:56

Statistics Iceland has released a new issue of Statistical Series  in the topical category of fisheries. This issue presents catch, value and processing of catch 2009, reports with reference to Statistics Iceland.

The total catch of Icelandic fishing vessels in 2009 was 1,130 thousand tonnes which is 153 thousand tonnes less than in 2008. The value of the catch amounted to 115 billions ISK and increased by 16.4% from previous year, 2.8% decrease at constant prices. The largest part of the catch was processed in the eastern part of the country, mainly pelagic fish. The highest regional share of the demersal catch, almost quarter of the quantity, was processed in the capital area, mainly in Reykjavík. The main processing method for cod was freezing in land-based factories, as was for haddock.

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