Carrefour introducing “Reared without GMOs” label

November 13, 2010 12:31

Carrefour's new "Reared without GMOs"* labelling gives its customers the option of knowing what they are eating, reports with reference to Carrefour.

Thanks to a programme begun over 10 years ago, Carrefour is today the only retailer offering own brand products containing GMO-free animal ingredients*.

Carrefour would now like its customers to know that it is introducing "Reared without GMOs" labelling on over 300 food items throughout its stores in France.

With this new commitment - supported by WWF France - Carrefour is defending freedom of choice for the consumer and meeting a strong demand in France for transparency within the food industry.

The first retailer to offer a choice

The French care about their food! According to a recent IFOP** survey, 63% say they would stop buying a product if they knew it contained ingredients that came from animals reared on feed containing GMOs. Also, 96% believe that packaging should mention the presence or absence of GMOs in animal feed.

However, current regulations do not provide for consumers to be clearly informed on this issue: if animals are reared on feed containing GMOs, it is not mandatory for this to be mentioned.

Conversely, it is not possible to mention that animals are reared on feed that does not contain GMOs.

In the light of this situation, Carrefour decided to take action and inform its customers by launching its own "Reared without GMOs" logo. James McCann, Executive Director of Carrefour France, says, "We at Carrefour believe very strongly that we should provide our customers with the information and give them the freedom to choose. We are introducing complete transparency with this new labellingto allow our customers to decide for themselves whether or not to buy products containing ingredients that come from animals reared on non-GMO feed. Being a responsible retailer is one of our basic values.

Clearer information for consumers

"Reared without GMOs" stickers will now feature on over 300 Carrefour own-brand items.

Numerous lines of Carrefour own-brand and Carrefour Quality Commitment products are involved: pork, veal, chicken, eggs and farmed fish. With this logo, Carrefour aims to keep consumers informed about the content of the products they are eating and gives them the option of choosing their food with full knowledge of the facts.

A long-standing commitment

Supported from the outset by WWF, this initiative crowns and reflects the strong commitment shown by the banner to a traceable non-GMO line for over 10 years now. Since 1998, in line with its quality policy and to improve the choice offered to its customers, Carrefour has been working to develop a line of products stemming from animals reared on non-GMO foods, and in fact is the only retailer to have done so.

Serge Orru, Chief Executive Officer of WWF France, is delighted with this commitment: "Since 1998, the WWF has been working with Carrefour on an environmental progress programme, particularly in respect of procurement (wood, responsible fishing, soya, palm oil, paper etc.). WWF France therefore strongly supports this socially aware action of Carrefour, which as the leader in its market opens up a path that all retail businesses should follow."

About Carrefour in France

Carrefour has over 5,500 stores in France operating in five formats (hypermarket, supermarket, convenience, hard discount and cash & carry). For 50 years, the Carrefour group has been a partner in the day-to-day lives of millions of customers, offering them a wide selection of products and services at the best prices. Carrefour assumes significant economic, social and environmental responsibilities in its operations, and is committed to providing high-quality products and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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