Canned seafood producer in Russia's Olympics region boosting output

August 7, 2009 15:18

OAO Rassvet (plc), one of the largest seafood canneries in Krasnodarsky Krai (Olympics region), is planning to boost production output 1.5 times by 2010, reports ( with reference to Yuga.Ru.

Now the company produces ca.50,000 cans per shift and by the beginning of 2010 it plans to boost production to 80,000-90,000 cans.

The increase will be achieved thanks to introduction of a new canning line. The refurbishment will be backed both by the company's own capital and borrowed funds.

OAO Rassvet was founded in 1999 and now it is the region's largest producer of canned seafood. The company's shareholders are physical persons.

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