Black Star Gourmet launching Caviar Gifts

April 22, 2010 14:53

Black Star Gourmet's Caviar Gift Sets include everything needed for the ultimate gourmet caviar experience, reports with reference to Black Star Gourmet.

Whether you are looking for a luxurious Valentine's Day gift or an exceptional holiday gift for someone with discriminating tastes, the company offers a caviar and food gift set for any occasion. A quintessential gourmet food experience, you can't go wrong with Premium Caviar and Gourmet Food Gift Set. It contains an exclusive ready-made feast of decadently delicious foods from France, including black summer truffles.

The company's Russian Caviar Gift Set includes the most prized caviars in the world and arrives packaged in an authentic Russian hand-painted wooden gift box depicting a Tsar sharing caviar with invited guests. One can be sure of the finest quality when present someone with one of Black Star Gourmet caviar gift sets.

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