Bird flu outbreak near Moscow trigger speculations of impact on seafood market

March 6, 2007 16:27

The recent limited outbreaks of bird flue near Moscow have caused speculations that the seafood sector can profit from potential consumer switch from chicken to fish due to the resulting health dangers.

However, as per early March the market did not seem to respond as expected probably because of the energetic efforts by the authorities and short-lived and limited character of the outbreaks.

More specifically, despite growing demand for seafood products in Moscow and in the surrounding province prices for fish products on the local market have remained at the same level, according to the Investment and Analytical Group of major Moscow-based importer and distributor OOO Norge-Fish (ltd).

Many Moscow-based fish companies say that seafood products have been sold at the same prices as before the news about the bird flue in the vicinity of Moscow reached the consumers.

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