Big merger in Saint Petersburg creating another important market player

March 5, 2007 16:32

Interregional fish processing corporation MRPK based in Saint Petersburg is going to boost its sales and output via a recently merger with Euromorproduct Company, according to GB magazine.

Meanwhile, under the corporation's umbrella Euromorproduct is building a modern highly efficient production facility compliant with the EU standards.

For the moment, apart from own production facilities, MRPK places orders for production under the TM Golden Fish (Zolotaya Rybka) on a contract basis with the factories of some of its partners.

As the raw material the concern says it uses fresh fish harvested and landed for onshore processing by its own two vessels which are one of the region's new, large and well-equipped vessels operating in the Baltic Sea, claims the company.

Today MRPK mainly focuses at promotion and increased awareness of the updated brands of Golden Fish and Euromorproduct with TM Golden Fish highlighted as marking a premium-class product.

The company has changed both style and design of packaging and the can itself. The price policy for the Golden Fish labeled products has also changed though the range remains affordable for most of the consumers.

The company has remained strategic partner of the federal chains of Magnit, Diksi, Monetka, Pyaterochka and others.

MRPK plans provide for development, promotion and expansion of the Golden Fish range. In future they think it possible to produce not only canned fish products, but marinated fish under the TM Golden Fish as well as canned fish under the TM Euromorproduct.

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