Big deal to airlift Norwegian fresh seafood to Moscow and Saint Petersburg

December 3, 2007 16:10

Moscow-based TALEX Group of Companies and Norwegian seafood exporter Troika Seafood have launched a joint project on continuous supplies of chilled finfish and other aquatic products from the Norwegian province of Finnmark to Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

The project's main feature is a 24-hour delivery of the products from the fishing grounds to the end consumer. Until now hardly any supplier could guarantee such short term of product delivery. For comparison, at present the minimum term of delivery of chilled products to Moscow and Saint Petersburg amounts to three days.

The project is aimed at the most particular customers - leading restaurants of Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The idea is to capitalize on the fact that the restaurants are suffering from a shortage of high quality and fresh products caused by the lack of reliable suppliers thus preventing them from satisfying the consumer demand for high-class fresh fish based dishes.

According to the leaders of the project, the shortest possible time of fresh seafood delivery of fresh seafood from the clean cold waters of Northern Norway is possible thanks to the vicinity of Finnmark and Russia, special logistics decisions and long-established business ties. Within the project TALEX Group will become the exclusive partner of Troika Seafood on the Russian market.

At present TALEX has got a stable share on the Russian seafood market and as one of the leaders the group focuses on the development of the Russian seafood market in general and specifically on the development of consumption culture of fresh and eco-clean seafood, according to TALEX's President A.L.Totunov. The current level of seafood consumption in Russia is much behind the European average partly due to the consumers' distrust caused by the low quality of a proportion of the seafood products delivered to the Russian market. Thus, TALEX has taken up a challenge to correct the situation with the help of its long experience and optimum logistics chains.

TALEX's leader says the Norwegian province of Finmark has been chosen for cooperation as one of the most ecologically pure fishing zones in the world. Finnmark or Northern Laplandia is the northernmost of the Norwegian Arctic provinces where there are the farthest fishing zones in the world. Various fish species spawn in the province's long and deep fjords. Vicinity of the fishing grounds is the best guarantee of high quality of the fish supplied to the world markets.

At present fish plays the most important role in the Norwegian-Russian trade accounting for ca.50% of the Norwegian export volume and ca.20% of the import volume, according to head of Troika Seafood Mr. Svein Rudd. One of the most urgent current problems is the absence of the stable market of direct shipments of chilled fish to Russia and that is the niche targeted by the joint project of Troika Seafood and TALEX Group. Svein Rudd says they think TALEX is a very serious partner and the cooperation is to bring the best results in the sphere of supplies of chilled Norwegian fish to Russia.

Company info: TALEX

TALEX group was established in 1991. The group specializes in delivery of high quality frozen fish and seafood to Russian market.

TALEX group is represented in different markets by Russian, Danish and Swedish companies. Each company has definite specialization, what guarantees the most efficient work in all segments of the market - from retail to wholesale.

Companies of the group have long-term reliable contacts with customers all over the world. The company's major partners are from Russia, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Scotland, Chile, USA, China and other countries.

One of priority guidelines for the group is development of fish processing facilities at St. Petersburg, Russia, which is one of the major sea ports of Russian Federation.

In 2004 first stage of reconstruction of the plant for fillets production was completed. Now the group has expanded range of products and increased output - up to 500 MT per month.

All the products have the group's private labels.

TALEX group owns two refrigerating centers located at St. Petersburg, Russia with total storage capacity of 6,000 MT.

In 2005 first stage of new state-of-the-art low-temperature cold storage with capacity of 10,000 MT has been completed. With setting it to operation, the group has overall storage facilities for 16,000 MT of frozen products.

Contact information:

3, bld. 1, Hlynovsky tupik, 125009 Moscow, Russia; tel.: +7 495 7868740, fax: +7 495 7868739; e-mail:,

Company info: Troika Seafood

Troika Seafood is a group of Norwegian companies based in the province of Finnmark and engaged in fishing and processing in the zones of the Northern Laplandia. The group includes Nordkyn Seafood AS, Villa, Arctic Innomar, DM Fresh and Frozen Seafood, CAPE FISH, Aker Seafoods, Oursins de Cap Nord. Troika Seafood is a traditional supplier of chilled seafood to the USA and the Western Europe.

Contact information:

Troika Seafood AS; PO Box 223, 9915 Kirkenes, Norway; tel.: +47 78977250, fax: +47 78977259; e-mail:,

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