Big boost of turnover of Saint-Petersburg-based leading value-added processor

December 4, 2007 15:46
OAO ROK-1(plc) (Fish Processing Combine No.1) is to boost the turnover by almost 20% to 5 billion RUB (about 200 000 million USD), according to the commercial director of the enterprise Alexander Starobinskiy as quoted by RBC.

At present OAO ROK-1(plc) is producing more than 40 items. The production facilities of Fish Processing Combine No.1 are located in Saint Petersburg and the adjacent towns of Gatchina and Volkhov. Moreover in big Russian cities the company has 10 subsidiaries, which are distributing its products.

Alexander Starobinskiy says that in order to secure the reliable supplies to the factory the enterprise has built a trout farm in Karelia and e fishing company in Sakhalin. In addition, in order to launch the innovation product - fish rolls - the company is planning to buy raw material in Chile and Norway. The company has also signed an agreement with Norway on buying mackerel fillets from this country. Such product hasn't been brought to Russia before.

Meanwhile OAO ROK-1(plc) is doing the project documentation for the building of the second stage of fish processing plant in Volkhov.

Currently this plant is producing herring preserves. The annual capacity of the plant has reached 15 tonnes of different finished products per day.

The total investments volume in the building of the first stage of the plant (the administrative building, four-stage water treatment system, two defrosters, the salting department, the department of maturing of raw material, the packaging department and the department of finished products) amounts to 150 million RUB (about 6 million USD).

The second stage of the fish processing plant provides for construction of a department where laminaria salads and convenience seafood products will be manufactured. The area of the new department will be four times larger than the area of the operational one.

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