Big boost for Nakhodka fish port capital

November 19, 2007 16:59

Nakhodka Sea Fish port is to increase its nominal capital by a factor of 4.7 to RUB254.2 millions thanks to issuing of additional emission of shares total value of shares worth 200 million rubles, according to a release of the Board of Directors of Nakhodka Sea Fish Port was said.

Such a decision was made by the shareholders in August and approved by the Board of directors later in the autumn.

The issues will consist of 5,000,000 shares with a face value of RUB 40 each to be sold by private subscription.

At present the nominal capital of the company reaches 54.2 million rubles and is divided into 1,354,590 ordinary share each with a nominal of 40 rubles. As a result of additional emission the capital will rise to 254.2 million rubles.

The additional issue of shares will be distributed between the companies OOO "Rail Invest", OOO "Transland", OOO "Tsentrast", KOO "DVTG UK" and Diruses.

Nakhodka fish port is located in Nakhodka Bay between the capes Basnina and the Lindgolm. It is open to navigation the whole year round. Not only seafood products are handled in the port of Nakhodka but also other commodities like timber, metal ware, cellulose etc.). Also the port provides storage, shipment, carrier and freight vessel services. The volume of shipments processed in the port exceeds 1.8 million tonnes. The amount of vessel calls reaches 300 per year.

In the first half of the year 2007 the net profit of Nakhodka port amounted to 5.06 million rubles in comparison with the loss of 9.7 million rubles the year before. The gross sales decreased by 4.3% to 203.6 million rubles.

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