Belarus set higher import quota for shellfish

May 24, 2007 16:15

Belarus has increased its import quota for shellfish, mollusks and other invertebrates (HSC 0306 and 0307) 2.5-fold to 5000 tonnes, and a similar increase to 500 tonnes has been approved for its quota of ready-to-eat or canned shellfish, mollusks and other invertebrates (HSC 1605).

In the recent years the country has witnessed rising output of processed seafood and its consumption and the government has decided to raise import quotas in order to prevent possible shortage of supply.

The quota addition will be distributed between companies which earlier won the right to import those products according to the results of the open competition.

In 2007 the republic is planning to import 224,200 tonnes of finfish, fish products and shellfish/mollusks, etc. The right to import seafood to Belarus has been given to 62 companies.

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