Belarus reporting positive statistics of seafood output

November 16, 2007 12:25
In Belarus through the period of January-September 2007 the production of fish for human consumption including canned fish increased to 38,770 metric tons (14.6% up on the same period of 2006, the Ministry of Statistics and Analysis of Russia's close ally told Interfax.

The bulk of fish commodities for human consumption (35,449 metric tons) was produced by legal entities without departmental affiliation. It was 15.6% up on the same period of 2006. The companies subordinated to the Regional executive committees increased fish production by 6.2% to 1,645 metric tons. The organizations working under President's Affairs Administration boosted the output by 10.4% to 1,211 metric tons.

In the first nine months Belarus Co-ops Union' enterprises (Belkoopsoyuz) reduced the output of fish products by 5.5% to 444 tonnes, the enterprises of concern Belneftekhim - by 23.1% to 10 tonnes, the enterprises of Bellesbymprom - by 14.3% to 6 tonnes. The affiliated branches of Belenergo produced 3 tonnes of such products that is 50% up on the same period of 2006.

Belgospischeprom's and the Ministry of Agriculture's enterprises produced 1 tonne each, that makes 100% and 33.3% respectively from the level of January-September 2006.

According to The Ministry of Statistics, in January-September 2007 in Belarus the production of live fish amounted to 52 tonnes (+20.9%), frozen fish - 7 tonnes (-56.2%) in comparison with the same period of 2006. The production of smoked fish amounted to 2,220 metric tons (12.7% up), salted fish except herring - 891 metric tons (26.9% up), salted herring - 855 metric tons (10.9% down).

The production of canned fish, shellfish and mollusks inclusive, amounted to 13,589 million nominal cans (45.2% up on the January-September 2006).

The output of dried and dry-cured fish in January-September 2007 increased by 0.8% to 123 tonnes in comparison with the same period of 2006, the production of salted with spices and marinated fish decreased by 19% to 674 tonnes.

In addition through the period of nine months of 2007 the output of ready-to-eat products in Belarus came up by 11.2% to 20,734 metric tons. Caviar and roe production amounted to 5,856 metric tons (9.9% up). The output of non-finfish aquatic products for human consumption was 2,419 metric tons (31.4% up).

As per 1 October 2007 coldstore inventories of fish commodities for human consumption including canned products amounted to 1,256 metric tons or 29.2% of average monthly production volume.

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