Belarus publishing seafood import statistics 2006

March 15, 2007 16:09

In 2006 Belarus increased import of seafood by 2% as compared to 2005, the Ministry of Statistics and Analysis told Interfax information agency.

More specifically, in 2006 Russia's close allay imported 175,300 tonnes of fish. In value terms, the nation's seafood import grew by 20.8% and amounted to 265.75 million USD.

CIS countries (mostly Russia) supplied 86,100 tonnes of fish (1.8% down on 2005) worth 95.9 million USD, while other countries exported to Belarus 89,200 tonnes of fish (nearly 6% up on 2005) worth 160.8 million USD.

According to the ministry, last year the largest volume of fish was imported from Norway (22,850 tonnes worth 45.5 million USD), Latvia (21,100 tonnes worth 7 million USD) and Iceland (19,800 tonnes worth 52.2 million USD). Seafood import from Norway increased by 4.9%, Latvia - by 29.9% and Iceland - by nearly 22%. Besides, in 2006 Belarus purchased 4200 tonnes of fish at a total value of 8.8 million USD in Argentina, 2600 tonnes worth 5.8 million USD in the Faeroese Islands, 2000 tonnes worth 4.5 million USD in Great Britain, 1600 tonnes worth 5.7 million USD in Denmark, 1600 tonnes worth 3.3 million USD in Canada, 1560 tonnes worth 4.3 million in the USA, 1500 tonnes worth 1.7 million USD in New Zealand, 1200 tonnes worth 2.8 million USD in Chile, 1000 tonnes worth 1.4 million USd in Poland, 960 tonnes worth 3.4 million USD in China, 950 tonnes worth 1.25 million USD in Lithuania. Last year small volumes of fish were also purchased in the Netherlands and Uruguay.

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