Belarus cancelled restrictions for seafood imports from Russia and other countries

August 15, 2007 12:40

Russia's close ally Belarus has lifted volume quota restrictions for importation of finfish and other aquatic products, both processed and raw. The respective decision has been included into President's order dated 30 July 2007 published by the official site of the National Centre of Legal Information, according to

The move has been made in pursuance to the Belarus-Russian intergovernmental agreement signed in late March 2007 in Minsk when Belarus undertook the obligation to cancel quota system or equivalent restrictions regulating importation of Russian finfish, shellfish, mollusks, etc. and products from them until 1 July 2007. Besides, Belarus agreed to cancel the requirement to import the above mentioned goods from Russia to Belarus only via bonded warehouses.

The document gives a list of finfish and other aquatic species and products from them, the importation of which is declared the exclusive right of the state. This right is realized by organizations winning the respective tenders. According to the decision of the Council of Ministers of Belarus, tax stations may be opened at the coldstores of such legal entities (winners).

The document has charged President's Administrative Department to organize the tenders as well as to control realization of the state's exclusive right for fish import.

Besides, the order has approved the rules of conduct of tenders on authorizing legal entities to realize the state's exclusive right for seafood importation. Such tenders take place once a year.

Winners of the competition for realization of fish import quotas in 2007 will import the products under the earlier made contracts until 1 October 2007.

The document has also instructed the nation's Council of Ministers to take measures to carry out the order. In particular, the Council is in charge of amending the legislative acts in accordance with it.

The order has been in force as of 1 August 2007.

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