Belarus applied for capture quotas in Barents and Baltic Seas

December 22, 2008 16:30

At the sixth session of the Russian-Belarus Fisheries Commission which took place in Kaliningrad in late December 2008 the sides have discussed allocation of capture quotas in the Barents Sea and in the Baltic Sea for the year 2009 to Belarus, reports ( with reference to Rugrad.

More specifically, in the Barents Sea the sides have scrutinized application for 1500 tonnes of cod and 500 tonnes of haddock. In the Baltic Sea the Belorussian side has asked for 100 tonnes of cod, 800 tonnes of Baltic sprat and 150 tonnes of Baltic herring.

Besides, during the meeting the parties have discussed a joint Russian-Belorussian investment project on construction of a plant for eel ongrowing in Kaliningrad. The plant's capacity is planned at 50 tonnes of market-size eel and 1.25 million eel fry for stocking purposes.

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