Belarus announcing seafood production statistics for January-October 2010

December 9, 2010 10:52
In January-October 2010 fish businesses of Belarus produced seafood products at the total value of 722.7 billion Br, 10.7% up on the corresponding result of 2010, reports ( with reference to the Russian Federal Fisheries Agency.

Commodity fish production, canned seafood including, in January-October 2010 rose by 10.3% on last year to 46,967 metric tons.

Canned fish production in January-October 2010 in Belarus amounted to 11.7 million nominal canned fish units, 7% down on January-October 2009, the output of ready-to-eat products amounted to 24,500 tonnes (+11.5%).

Smoked fish production in the first ten months of the year amounted to 4500 tonnes, 16.9% up on January-October 2009, salted fish production (less herring) made 1600 tonnes (-3.2%), salted herring production amounted to 1700 tonnes (+28.5%). The output of dried and dry-cured fish in January-October 2010 as compared to the same period last year increased by 41.6% to 691 tonnes, production of spice salted and marinated fish declined by 45.4% to 542 tonnes.

Besides, in January-October 2010 Belarusian processors produced 5400 tonnes of fish roe, 11% up on the corresponding result of 2009, and 3100 tonnes of other than finfish sea products for human consumption (+30.2%). The production volume of frozen fish amounted to 70 tonnes, 2.9 times up on January-October 2009, balyk-style products - to 141 tonnes (+46.9%).

Food fish output (canned inclusive) as per 1 November 2010 amounted to 45.4% of the average monthly production volume.

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