Be Delighted by Tassal’s Gourmet Salmon Smallgoods

May 10, 2011 10:56

Tassal is excited to announce the launch of new gourmet delicatessen range of salmon smallgoods - Salmon Antipasto Sticks and Salmon Entertainers made from premium quality Tasmanian Atlantic salmon, reports with reference to Tassal.

A great alternative to traditional beef and pork smallgoods, Tassal Salmon Antipasto Sticks and Salmon Entertainers are the ‘good for you' entertaining snacks and have all the health benefits of Omega 3, Vitamins D, E, B5 and B12.

Perfect for entertaining, for use in pasta, pizza, risotto or even simply as a snack, this new range will be a favourite with both kids and adults.

Research and Development Manager Kevin Horgan spent two years perfecting the range, which he believes to be the world's first salmon smallgoods range.

"Salmon smallgoods provided the perfect solution to finding a healthy alternative for my children's lunch and snacks," he said.

"We're really excited to launch these new innovative products into the market, plus my kids love them."

Tassal's Salmon Antipasto Sticks 150g and Salmon Entertainers 180g can be found in the smallgoods section of Coles stores throughout Victoria and Tasmania.

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