BAADER 581 - New Generation of Filleting

May 4, 2010 10:48

One main part in the NEW Salmon Processing Line is the NEW High Speed Filleting Machine BAADER 581, reports with reference to Baader.

BAADER is proud to introduce the new generation of Filleting Machines - the BAADER 581. The BAADER 581 is designed in a completely new manner with respect to hygiene, performance, fillet quality. Stable run of the fish through the machine guarantees higher throuphput.

Settings of the machine can be changed during operation and can be stored in a recipe archive for easier handling and quick change over to different products.

The fillets from this new BAADER 581 are in an extraordinary quality, with less trimming required:

  •          Almost no head bones
  •          No leftover of membrane and bone residues in the belly area (called 5-Mark piece) which normally needs a lot of trim work
  •          Clean anal fin area
  •          No chips in the tail part
  •          White membrane on or off
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