Azuma Foods International: CRAWFISH SALAD Launched

April 30, 2010 12:41

Carefully washed Crawfish and the sparkle of Masago (Capelin Caviar) are mixed with a special mayonnaise and mustard. Crawfish Salad was initially developed to create a sensation for the Sushi Market as ‘Maki Sushi' and ‘Gunkan Sushi'. It has the stickiness necessary to make a sushi roll and it is good with sushi rice too, reports with reference to Azuma Foods International Inc.
It is also delicious as a main ingredient in sandwiches and can be used as a topping on fresh salad in take-out salad packs at deli and retail stores. You can make as many different presentations as you like!
Crawfish Salad is distributed frozen; just defrost and serve. It's easy to use! A hint of mustard will last long after opening the package. Enjoy!!

Net weight /pack: 1.4lbs (636g)
Main Ingredients: Crawfish, Capelin Roe, Mayonnaise, Capelin Roe, Mustard Extract.
Production: Product of Canada
Usage: Sushi (Roll, Gunkan), Sandwich, Topping.

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