Auction sales of Russian pollock roe in Busan in early-mid April 2010 showing downward trends

April 15, 2010 11:22

On the fourth week of Busan auctions of Russian pollock roe (namely on 6-8 April 2010) the sales were weak both in terms of volume and prices, reports ( with reference to own sources in Busan.

Due to delayed port calls of several transport vessels the supply on offer at auctions amounted to only 1669 tonnes, more than one half of which was put up for inspection on 7 April 2010 (a standard procedure). The bulk of pollock roe offered at auctions was produced in February 2010 or early March 2010 thus defining its high price. Pollock roe from one of NBAMR-owned vessels (Vladivostok-based NBAMR is one of the largest pollock harvesters in the Russian Far East) was sold at a price exceeding the psychologically important level of 10 USD per kilo. Before that day only Akros Company managed to sell its roe at higher prices, the company suspending its auction sales until 19 April 2010 due to problems with product sales.

13-14 April 2010

Buyers' moods changed downwards. According to the market participants, that was caused mostly by influence of different factors. First of all, they included gradual saturation of the market of gift sets. Second were rumors that Polluks and Okeanrybflot failed to come to an agreement with their buyers and had to put up 2000-2400 tonnes of roe for open sale. The rumours however did not turn true as per 14 April 2010, but the taste was evidently left in the mouth. Bidding for high quality pollock roe offered on 13 and 14 April 2010 was much tougher than on the previous week. Though Roliz, BAMR and Pacific Andes could sell some of their products at prices higher than 10 USD per kilo, other companies were not as lucky. Despite aggressive mood of the sellers, buyers were definitely willing to push down the prices after the second round of US auctions and the Golden Week in Japan (a holiday week from late April to early May).

Evidently, hoping for good prices (until they fall) a number of companies intended to sell roe from 19 to 22 April 2010, such traders including large producers of Akros, Pacifiс Andes and Turnif.

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