Auchan leads in Russian retail sushi sales

August 6, 2007 11:13

No thorough market studies of Russia's retail sushi market have been made yet because the market is still very young. For this reason, the sales figures fluctuate greatly with different sources.

According to general director of Moscow-based food producer Ariram Company, the volume of Moscow's retail sushi market (less restaurants) amounts to 240-250 tonnes per year. In money terms, the market is estimated at RUR250 million per year.

The reported estimates of general director of Saint-Petersburg Atlanta Company Maxim Akulovich are more generous with residents of Moscow and Saint-Petersburg believed to annually purchase sushi in retail outlets at a total value of 60 million USD.

In Moscow there are only several sushi producers including Atlanta (a leading sushi producer), Ariram with the market share of ca.15%, Optimatorg, Kanpai and Chingan. The players say that the market is filled approximately to one third. More than 50% from the total sales volume is contributed by the Auchan retail chain.

Maxim Akulovich thinks that the capital's sushi market will grow saturated not earlier than in two or three years and it will take even longer for the regional markets to grow saturated with sushi.

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