AtlantNIRO process engineers put convenience product line on the market

November 7, 2006 16:30

Frozen easy-to-cook fish product Master-kok designed by AtlantNIRO research institute is expected to become popular on the Russian market in the future, according to Mayak Baltiki.

At present it has become a fashion to produce convenience products requiring no need in any further processing at home. Master-kok products can be made from various fish species with various garnish and sauces in bags fit for thermal treatment. The bag is to be placed unsealed into boiling water and several minutes later the fish with vegetables in own juice will be ready to eat. Now the institute has already developed variants for microwave oven and grilling. The technology has already been sold to Khabarovsk, Kemerovo, Catherinburg, Naberezhnye Chelny and Moscow.

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