Atlantis Group opens new processing plant to supply fish to EU market

October 11, 2010 10:30

Atlantis Group has completed a construction of a new modern fish processing facility, reports with reference to the company's press release.

The capacity of the new plant is 50 tonnes of finished products per 24 hours.

About EUR9.5 million were invested into the construction of the new facility to start running at full capacity in November 2010.

The plant is located in Kaliningrad region and is equipped with modern machinery of such world leading producers as Schaller, Kometos, StarFrost and Marel. The production process is equipped with modern quality control system on the basis of unified information network ERP installed at the plant approved by the corresponding certificates.

The plant is to produce frozen fish products, fillets, processed shrimp, seafood cocktails and marinated products under the trademark "Don Marino" for Russian domestic market and under the label "Omega 3, Ocean Planet" for the European market.

In the year coming the Atlantis Group plans to make contracts with major retailers and distributors taking the leading positions among the suppliers of packed fish and non-finfish products.

The Atlantis Group is said to supply products in innovative packs which allow to cook the meal both traditionally in the oven or gas cooker and in microwave oven with the effect of steam cooking and just for 5-8 minutes.

The pack does not need to be opened or defrosted. It is enough to take the pack and put it into the oven for cooking without opening. The pack itself will cook the meal under the own steam.

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